March 15, 2011

The Fake Out: Drawstring Bags

One of these pieces is a mere $1,046.00 less than the other

The Fake OutThe Fake Out

Everyone’s reaching for the crossover version of these bags, but I much prefer the tote, drawstring combo. These two buttery leather drawstring bags are beyond covet worthy. On one hand I love the simplicity of the piece on the left, and the other features my new favorite accent, the tassel. The bottom compartment of the one on the right is a cute little functional touch. The one on the left converts to a cross body bag with a few easy hooks, perfect for the days when my bag is too heavy to simply tote around.

Which one costs more? Click the images to see if you’re right.

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March 16, 2011

Spotted: Selena Gomez Looking Polished & Pretty in TIBI at the NYC UpFronts Presentation

Selena Gomez

Some people call her a Jennifer Lopez in the making, but this young star has talent and style well beyond her years, talent that I wouldn’t necessarily compare to JLo. I’m on the hunt for her dove gray eyelet top but I can’t find anything like it anywhere, but her cute Tibi Antoinette Bloom skirt happens to be on sale for $185.00 right now. The kitten heels and stockings add just the perfect little touches to this ensemble. She kind of looks like this dainty but edgy doll that plays on the model of the Antoinette Bloom doll that the skirt seems to be named after.

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Rihanna’s Vogue Cover Sans the Plastic Wrap & More from the Spread

Rihanna VogueI keep going back to this cover, but it’s for good reason. We’ve all been relegated to checking out the Rihanna Vogue cover from behind the sketchy plastic wrap, but thankfully Vogue has released the shots on their website along with a few photos from the shoot with Annie Leibovitz. They’ll be circulating all over the web in no time, but what I love about the digital image is that I can see everything, including the fact that Rihanna’s hair might need a do-over. Otherwise, the shots are pretty fantastic, the mermaid dress on the cover is definitely the show stopper, while the shots they’ve posted online (that I’ll suppose will appear in the issue) present a much more demure Rihanna, but what’s great about them is that they’re in tune with her Bajan roots.

Rihanna’s bounced back and forth between an island vibe and an American rock and roll edge, and it seems to me that she’s finally coming into her own on a level that fuses her musical persona with her heritage. I love the shot of her bending over backwards, and the one where she’s gone back to the short crop in the Donna Karan New York blue bodysuit. What’s bothering me a little is that I’m pretty sure I already know what this issues going to say, and it’ll be something along the lines of - ‘I hated my body, and my curves growing up and now I’ve finally learned to accept them.’ Although the truth of the matter is the her frame is so slender and toned that the only thing anyone has been able to poke fun at is her forehead. Rihanna’s not my first choice for the 'Shape Issue' and while I champion the appearance of all women of different ethnicities on the cover of fashion magazines like Vogue, I want to see women with real shape, not a size four woman with curves, of course my mind jumps to Christina Hendricks because I love her, but Sofia Vergara would be one celeb I wouldn’t be complaining about.

Rihanna Vogue

See more Rihanna: Living Out Loud extras on

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Matthew Williamson Wishes the Fashion World Would Quit Fussing About Kate Middleton… & Other News

  • Racy photos of Vanessa Hudgens have surfaced again, and this time she and Alexa Nikoas are kissing and grabbing boobs. — BuzzFeed
  • I cannot stop laughing my proverbial ass off at the promo video for the Friends With Benefits (aka No Strings Attached 2.0), it’s like deja vu but better, starring Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake. — Perez Hilton
  • Matthew Williamson slights the soon to be princess Kate Middleton, and says what some of the fashion world has already been thinking, her style isn’t special - it’s perfectly ordinary. — The Cut
  • Green Beer, Clovers & the luck of the Irish make these St. Patty’s Day makeup tips perfect for tomorrow’s festivities. — Bella Sugar
  • In love with spring’s floral prints?? They may not be ground breaking — but I’m particularly bewitched by Leighton Meester in Emanuel Ungaro. Check the trend. — Alexa

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March 17, 2011

The Fantastic Four: Lucky Clovers [The St. Patty’s Edition]

The Fantastic Four: Lucky Clovers

In my naivete I used to spend hours searching for four leaf clovers in the grass, in adulthood I know better. Instead of wasting copious amounts of time looking for an anomaly of nature that I’m beginning to believe is a myth, I’ve opted for these lucky leaf accessories. St. Patrick’s Day means good luck, green beer, whiskey, and lots of shamrocks, so have a good one and hopefully these four leaf clovers will bring you lots of luck.

[1] I have an obsession with turquoise and the Ariella Collection Clover Cat’s Eye cocktail ring is beautiful, multi-faceted and a symbol of good luck. [2] YSL has a few of these clover jewelry pieces including a cuff, a clover cluster ring and these Lucky Chyc 5-karat gold-plated clover earrings which are my absolute favorites. [3] Watches that double as charm bracelets are always so cute, and I just love the simplicity of the small Swarovski crystal bejeweled four leaf clover of this Anne Klein one[4] It’s bright green hue makes the clover quilting on this Comme des Garcons zip wallet the perfect St. Patty’s day accompaniment. We’re going to need our cash and credit cards at the bar tonight.

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March 18, 2011

Pick Three: Badgley Mischka

Pick Three: Badgley Mischka

This past week I’ve been craving unusually chunky watches and violet dresses, and with the weather hitting the seventies, beachy platform pumps are the only shoes weighing heavily on my mind and Badgley Mischka hit all the right spots. The biggest piece of divine inspiration came from the ensembles of two new Estée Lauder poster girls, Joan Smalls and Liu Wen, at the Estée Lauder event for the launch of the Idealist illuminator line this past week. I’ve been obsessed with dresses like these, in this color ever since.


Mariola Sandals from Mark + James;
These are my idea of the perfect summer heels, the crocheted texture and the tan leather make feet look tanned even when they’re in dire need of one.
Available at for $265.00.


Swarovski Crystal Accented Gold-Tone Chain Bracelet Watch;
I love this piece not in spite of its gaudiness but because of it, let’s face it, when people ask us the time we reach for our cell phones instead of turning our wrist so the fact that this piece is such a great (big) accessory is even better.
Available at for $195.00.


One Shoulder Caftan from Mark + James;
This dress has been calling my name all week and there’s nothing I could do about it really except enjoy the delicate drapery in such a stunning and potent color. After seeing the shade on both Liu Wen and Joan Smalls, one thing is clear, this color flatters all skin tones.
Available at for $298.00.

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March 19, 2011

SOS: 19.03.11

Fancy Bar Tools SOSGlass Cluster Chandelier, Designed By: Bjorn Stillefors
Available at; $499.00

In my dream house, I want at least three of these hanging over the lengthy, well stocked bar. The incandescent bulb in the center nestled into the center of these removable wine glasses is the perfect piece for any entertainer or restaurant. 

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March 20, 2011

I Want to Feel Like: Holly Golightly

I Want to Feel Like: Holly GolightlyLet me make this perfectly clear, Holly Golightly isn’t my favorite of all of the characters that Audrey Hepburn has played, but that doesn’t stop me from hanging out on Fifth Avenue in front of Tiffany’s imitating the opening scene. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is probably the single most recognizable Audrey Hepburn film, and the film that has immortalized her in the style diaries of so many women. Some turn their nose up at the fact that in reality Holly Golightly was a prostitute of sorts, but if that be the case, she was a very well dressed one. The claw foot tub sofa is the kind of deconstructed-chic design piece that doesn’t quite make sense but does. Deep down, I’m the kind of romantic sap that would love it if a guy gave me the ring from a cracker jack box over a diamond with questionable Africa conflict ties. Waking up in the afternoon like Holly takes a skill I have yet to perfect and the Holly GoNightly’s sleep mask is the perfect tool to help me practice. Holly tossed around quite a few pieces of costume jewelry and each tiara was as bewitching as the other but I love these fantasy crystal earrings because the remind me of the ones she wore while casually discussing her trip to sing-sing. It’s an intense shade of pink but if anyone could have pulled this Dolce & Gabbana Barbie pink dress, it would have been Holly.

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March 21, 2011

Coveted Deeply

Five picks of things I’m coveting deeply.

Coveted Deeply

[1] I love bustiers, corsets or whatever you want to call them. They’re great under a blazer or paired with a barely there mini skirt, and if it’s one thing I’m glad for it’s the fact that unlike the women of the sixteenth century, I don’t have to crack my ribs or sacrifice my breathing for them. The mix of grey, light blue, dark blue, and black on the Preen Line Floral Zoe cropped bustier has the sort of cross between seductive structure and flirty spirit that I love.

[2] This sandstone stone in this ring looks like the night sky, I love it’s twilight aura, but it’s almost black hue makes it edgy yet pure. The prismatic facets lend dimension to the flecks of glitter that resemble stars, it’s the perfect little understated statement cocktail ring. I seriously can’t stop staring at this Lola Rose Sonia ring, it’s almost perverse.

[3] Louis Vuitton’s signature luggage pieces have these gorgeous engraved accents to accompany the signature LV monogram and this cuff captures all of that in a piece I can tote around effortlessly. The Louis Vuitton Save It bracelet possesses the air of Parisian style that first made their luggage famous, but there’s something more about it that I can’t quite grasp that makes me want it even more.

[4] I love this palette, it kind of looks like a face painting kit, probably because the colors are just as potent. I’m well versed in the art of face painting with Snazaroo paints, but the fact of the matter is I have infinitely more fun getting dolled up with this Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color palette than I do drawing butterflies on little girls’ faces.

[5] I’m a sucker for bright colors, and this flaming orangey-redness of this bag, Zara is always good for finding what I like to call true fashion pieces like this, the aptly named Fashion City bag. The color is so strong it’s bound to stop people in their tracks, but that’s probably the point, it’s too gorgeous to be passed on the street without as much as a second or third glance. I’d also like to get it in the deep blue and maybe even the tan.

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Fashion Sensory

Fashion Sensory

The Art: I’m obsessed with Laura Fung art, I’m partial because she’s Jamaican, but I don’t think it makes her any less of a prodigy. Her way of capturing an island sensibility on a canvas or in a print is positively magnificent, and it’s kind of crazy that she’s younger than me. This piece is called Midnight Bloom and it’s probably the little abstract spatters of green that really capture my soul in it. The only downside to this mixed media on canvas piece is that I’ll either have to pay an arm and a leg to ship it, or take a trip to Jamaica to get it (which isn’t a bad idea now that I think of it).

The Dress: ModCloth calls this one the Blue Rhapsody Dress, and it’s almost an uncanny interpretation of the Midnight Bloom piece from Laura Fung, although I doubt the designer and the artist have ever met. The dress is the perfect spring piece but it’s mysterious  and ultra-flattering. It’s whimsy and sweet, and the only thing this dress is missing is a few accents of purple.

I want them both.

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