March 29, 2011

The Fake Out: Tribal Skirts

One of these pieces is a mere $110.00 less than the other

The Fake Out: Tribal SkirtsThe Fake Out: Tribal Skirts

When I was younger I was a tomboy and you couldn’t get me into a skirt, but these days I’m in love with them. These days I appreciate the way skirts flow and drape, and I love to describe the movement a they make when we walk as a sashay. These tribal skirts are two of the few monochromatic pieces I treasure. The layers of skirting on the piece on the right give it body and the use a black on imprinting for the tribal print with the front contrasting zipper makes it flirty yet angsty. The a-line cut and use of black, white and grey of the skirt on the left uses an ultra flattering silhouette with a complex print to create one eye catching frock.

Which one costs more? Click the images to see if you’re right.

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